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Trentino-alto Adige

Despite having been invented in Rome, Fettuccine Alfredo isn’t the classic Italian dish many Americans, particularly, suppose it is. Just two restaurants—each claiming to be the birthplace of the dish—serve it.

Al dente pasta, however, has a lower glycemic index and keeps you fuller for longer. Bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar—it simply sounds so Italian, doesn’t it?

Save the bread for the tip of the meal, and use it to fare la scarpetta, to make somewhat shoe. In different words, use a small piece of bread to mop up any remaining sauce, and enjoy every last morsel of your meal.

Carbonada Valdostana — A typical dish of the area, this hearty stew combines beef, onions, wine, and fragrant spices. Sometimes served with pappardelle, it’s most often served over polenta. Lampredotto — This well-liked food is among the most beloved Tuscan meals produced from tripe, the lining of a cow’s abdomen and a favorite Florence road meals. Typically served on slices of oiled focaccia or hearty Tuscan bread, it makes a comforting sandwich at road stalls all through town. Focaccia — Typical in Liguria and Genoa, this simple flatbread has a soft crust exterior and a soft inside.

Ask for it wherever else and count on to be met with clean expressions. Likewise, Caesar salad was first created in Mexico, and the Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Greek-Canadian. Whether it’s for dipping pizza crusts into, or, worse still, placing on pasta, ketchup has no place on an genuine Italian desk. The Academia Barilla, run by the world’s leading pasta brand, called ketchup on pasta ‘a real culinary sin,’ so leave it in your French fries.