Traveling around the world is something most people find thrilling and a part of life worth venturing into.

China, a country in East Asia, is one of the places people love to visit, and oftentimes, do business in. This is because it is generally safe for foreigners, and there are rare cases of violence against foreigners.

With a large population and lots of natural resources, China holds a place globally, as a tourist attraction for people who love to travel.

Reviews and feedback of users on US-Reviews give insights into what it is like to travel to China, either as a tourist or business person. Reading through Chinese travel agencies online reviews, you also get adequate information on how to stay safe as a traveler in China.

Below are 6 of some safety tips you should know before traveling to China.

1.      Carefully Choose Taxis

When in China, you should carefully choose the taxis you use, to avoid getting in an illegal taxi. There are specific places to find taxis at airports or large train stations in China. Some taxi drivers are not licensed and might be driving cars in bad condition. It is best to ignore them when they approach you at the airport and get a taxi from the designated places.

2.      Avoid Political Discussions

It is important to avoid having discussions on sensitive issues with a total stranger or a local. It could result in you having a conversation with the police and causing severe consequences for the local you are discussing the issue with.

3.      Obey Government Laws

Every country has government laws that guide tourist activities, and China is no exception. It is generally advised that you obey any government laws guiding a place, to maintain your safety and also get a full experience on your visit.

4.      Watch out when Crossing

Due to the level of congestion on roads, there is a “car first” culture in China which means pedestrians do not have the right of way. Before you cross the road, you have to watch both sides carefully for oncoming vehicles, so that you do not get hit.

5.      Keep Your Property Safe

Though it is not a common occurrence, it is also not unusual to be a victim of petty theft as a tourist in China. To avoid being a victim of petty theft or pick-pocketing, you are advised to always keep your things where only you can reach them.

6.      Seek Help from Indigenes

Being a tourist means you will need a lot of help finding your way around a place, and also getting important information about all you will need to enjoy your visit. In China, you could employ the services of a travel agency that will match you with a tour guide. This tour guide will not only ensure your safety, but they will also make it their priority that you have a wonderful experience on your visit.


China is generally a safe place for tourists. The safety tips listed above are basically to ensure that you do not put yourself in any position to feel unsafe. If adhered to, you are assured of having a great experience as a tourist in China.